Format: 1 CD / 2 LP

REL: 27.05.2022

WhoMadeWho - UUUU

With "UUUU", the Danish trio WhoMadeWho releases its seventh studio album overall since its formation in 2003. The synergy effects of the three musicians are also not inaudible on "UUUU": The album "UUUU" is a captivating and soulful work that covers a remarkable range of sound structures, timbres and moods. On the 63-minute album, downtempo pieces alternate with moments of pensive melancholy and rousing euphoria, while modular soundscapes and stripped-back instrumentation perfectly underscore the hypnotic vocals, one of WhoMadeWho's trademarks. With their new album, the Danes invite listeners on a musical journey of discovery that captivates them from the very beginning.