Our multitude of services is finely tuned to our customers needs to ensure a maximum of performance, scalabilty and flexibility. This makes tonpool Medien GmbH a strong and reliable business partner for it’s customers.



For the past ten years we have distributed cd’s, dvd’s and audiobooks in Germany and internationally.

We are your gateway to the markets (Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Expert, Müller, AMM, KNV, JPC, etc.) through our contacts and direct services with all relevant partners.

Our agile business structure and a steady infrastructure enable us to adapt to new market conditions and to guarantee the best quality for your product.


We are also your gateway to the digital market. Our network encompasses all important contacts at national and international download and streaming providers(Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube).

We place and promote your products worldwide and keep an eye on the most important thing for you - your growth in sales.


As a fullservice-provider we manage the entire production of your product in collaboration with our partner ARVATO/Bertelsmann.

In close coordination with the pressing plant, we create your required product in the following formats:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • LPs
  • Blu-Ray
  • 4K
  • Special Packaging
  • Limited Editions


We work with the VMI-System (Vendor-Managed Inventory) in the stationary market. Therefore we can guarantee the avaliability of your product thoughout Germany.

We are able to react quickly to direct the turnover in the market, in case of a fluctuation in demand.


Our merchandise shops in the B2C segment are your digital sales platform.

Our eCommerce experts take care of the full maintenance and execution 365 days a year - including warehouse, delivery, return shipments and customer service.

As part of the full-service offer, the e-commerce team also handles the requirements and tasks in the development, graphics, production and purchasing of the merchandise items offered in the online shop.

Artist & Label Consulting

For more than a decade we (love to) distribute music, audiobooks & DVD / Blu-Rays digitally and physically with all known trading partners and platforms. We constantly adapt our tools and methods to the ever-evolving ecosystem of services, functionality, devices and business models.

We work hard to get the best results for your products.
The approach of tonpool Medien is to develop a tailor-made release and marketing plan for each product.

We create individual strategies with our artists and partner labels, that span the entire lifecycle of a product.

Tonpool supports the artist or the partner label at all times with our entire know-how and our partner companies.


The tonpool anti-piracy-service searches (mostly manually) the internet daily for copyright infringements. The identified video links / DDLs are reported to the respective portals or hosts, with a request for immediate deletion.

Marketing & Promotion

During the past 10 years we've been marketing music and audio books, in physical and digital form.
We constantly adapt our approach and instruments to ever-changing market conditions.

Together our internal marketing and label managers guarantee the availability of your music and audio book products, as well as developing individual strategies and marketing plans.

With our network of external promoters (online, radio, print, TV, social media) we implement the above mentioned marketing strategies and plans from start to finish.

Tour & Festival Merchandise

Whether a single show or a complete tour - we are your experienced partner in merchandising for live events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We manage the complete planning and handling of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Site planning
  • Organisation of sales stands
  • Recruiting of sales crews
  • Logistics
  • Cash flow
  • Official approval