About Us

In 2007, a small group of top-class artists and an experienced sales professional, teamed up to face the challenge of constant change in the recording market and to develop new concepts.

On the 1st January 2008, tonpool Medien GmbH was founded in Burgwedel near Hanover, North Germany.

As the managing director, Kurt Erping & his team of by now 13 members, form a highly competent distribution unit, which optimally adapts to the existing market conditions.

The official chart-placed market shares of tonpool media GmbH, show that their concept performed well since it’s existence.

In the meantime, the physical distribution network was developed throughout Europe, to allow the publications to be equally and effectively managed in Germany and Europe.

In the growing digital market, tonpool media GmbH guarantees a maximum coverage throughout Europe via the department, tonpool Digital.

The tonpool anti-piracy service searches (mostly manually) the internet daily for copyright infringements. The identified video links / DDLs are reported to the respective portals or hosts, with a request for immediate deletion.

Since 2014 tonpool Medien GmbH also operates online shops for it's clients. The e-commerce department takes care of the complete maintenance and processing for these online shops, including warehousing, shipping, returns and customer service.

As part of the full-service offer, the e-commerce team manages the demands and tasks in the development, production and purchase of the merchandising items, which are offered in the online shops and in the tour business.

This full-service is an interesting alternative for all future-oriented artists and labels!