Wir Leben Laut


Formats: CD/LP

REL: 30.12.2022

Unantastbar - Wir Leben Laut

UNANTASTBAR are back and are shaking up the German punk rock scene with their new album, Wir Leben Laut. As usual honest, snotty and critical, but with a lot of heart and soul, the South Tyroleans create an album for all those who never let it get them down. After more than 18 years of band experience and three top 5 placements in the official German album charts, the band proves once and for all their escalation potential, which cannot be stopped by any breakwater. Unbelievably authentic, UNANTASTBAR make music like life: straightforward and straight to the point. The album will be released on 30.12.2022.

The opening track goes full throttle and reminds us that everyone is responsible for their own happiness. With rocking sounds, "Die Hand, die ich mir reichte" shows the band's uncompromising honesty. The album's title track, "Wir leben laut" (We live loudly), is like an anthem for life and proudly raises the middle finger, just like "Steine, Scherben, Dreck" (Stones, Shards, Dirt). UNANTASTBAR go their own way and follow their ideals to the bitter end on tracks like "Hey Ho". The band convinces with a high hit density and shows its soulful side next to hard rock songs. Songs like "All in For You" and "Kiss Me" are emotional confessions, but never lose their characteristic rough sound. Freedom and authenticity are always at the centre of their work, and so "Goodbye" and "Du bist nicht echt" become rhythmic battle cries. Wir leben laut delivers a range of new hits that will no doubt soon become classics. "All die ganzen Jahre" punctuates the album with a fitting tribute to the quintet's most loyal fans. With this song, the band reflects on their career so far and proves that despite their success, they will always remain close and down to earth. UNANTASTBAR are still the pithy guys from South Tyrol who don't hide with controversial opinions.