Tara Buckman, Richard Brown, Rick Anthony Munroe

Format: DVD / BD / Mediabooks (limited)

REL: 18.08.2023

Tara Buckman, Richard Brown, Rick Anthony Munroe - BLUE ANGEL CAFE

The nightclub singer Angie falls in love with the married, aspiring politician Raymond. The two cannot hide their passionate affair from the public for long because the press gets wind of the affair and exposes the scandal. This leaves the former gubernatorial candidate facing the shards of his marriage and his political career. At first, the mismatched couple sticks together and masters all the adversities of their relationship. Above all, the couple's standard of living has to be significantly reduced, which results in the first tensions. When Angie starts working again as a singer in her club, their love threatens to finally break under their regained fame, as Raymond begins to realise that he is nothing and has nothing anymore.

Available on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, limited Mediabooks