Söhne Mannheims

Format: CD/LP

REL: 17.11.2023

Söhne Mannheims - Kompass

An important piece of information for all those who keep asking: With Xavier Naidoo, Michael Herberger and Billy Davis, three of our founding members already left the Söhne in 2017 to go their own ways. How did we deal with these changes? Full speed ahead - because every farewell is also a new beginning! In 2020 we started our comeback - with the new singers Karim Amun and Guiseppe "Gastone" Porrello and new songs like "Eine Million Lieder", "Am andern Ende der Welt", "Mut", "Keine Eile" or "Kompassnadel" - and new projects like SÖHNE MANNHEIMS PIANO.

With our new album "Kompass" we are looking to the future. Looking back, a big thank you goes out to all the sons who have made us what we are today. Thank you for your music, thank you for your songs and voices and thank you for all the great moments: The concerts, the tours, the festivals, this long journey together, with you and the fans.

People still ask us how we feel about Xavier today. He made a conscious decision back in 2017 to focus exclusively on his solo projects. Since then, Xavier sings and speaks in his own name. We are grateful for his musical inspiration and for everything he has done for the band in more than two decades. Today, however, we, the Söhne Mannheims, go our own way independently.

We raise our voices for a better tomorrow. As a multicultural musician collective, we stand against violence and racism, believe in the good cause and stand up for it. As multipliers, we are aware of the power of our words. We want to build bridges and connect with music. And we stand by an attitude that has shaped our home city of Mannheim for over 400 years: peaceful coexistence - in the spirit of understanding.