Lilien auf dem Felde

Sidney Poitier, Lisa Mann

Format: Mediabook / DVD / BR

REL: 02.07.2021 / 23.12.2021

Sidney Poitier, Lisa Mann – Lilien auf dem Felde

Homer Smith, an unemployed construction worker heading west, makes the acquaintance, by chance, of five impoverished nuns who run a farm in the Arizona wasteland. When his car overheats, he goes to the farm for help. But soon Homer becomes a helper in need. At the urging of the matron, he finally agrees to repair the farm's roof. He soon finds out, however, that Mother Mary will not pay him for this work, but even demands that he build a chapel for the small religious community out of pure charity. After much hesitation, Homer agrees to the merciful project. Instead of payment, he is driven by the certainty that he will change this place permanently through his work and leave it more livable than he found it.

Lilies of the field is a funny, sentimental and enchanting film that rewarded Sidney Poitier with the Oscar for "Best Actor".