Atlas - Die Geschichte von Pa Salt

Riley, Lucinda; Whittaker, Harry

Format: MP3

REL: 11.05.2023

Riley, Lucinda; Whittaker, Harry – Atlas - Die Geschichte von Pa Salt

Paris, 1928. A boy is discovered just in time before he dies and is taken in by a family. He is clever and lovable, and he develops his talents in the new home. Here he is given a life he would never have dreamed of. But he refuses to give a hint of who he really is. As he grows into a young man, he falls in love and attends the famous Paris Conservatoire. He can almost forget the horrors of his past about it, as well as the promise he once swore to keep. But disaster is gathering over Europe, and no one is safe any more. Deep in his heart he knows that the time will come and he will have to flee again.

Aegean Sea, 2008. All seven sisters have gathered on board the "Titan" to say goodbye to their beloved father, who has always remained a mystery to them. To everyone's surprise, it is the missing sister who has been entrusted by Pa Salt to show them the trail into their past. But for every truth revealed, a new question emerges, and the sisters are forced to realise that they barely knew their father. But even more shocking is that these long-buried secrets are still having an impact on all their lives.

"Atlas. The Story of Pa Salt" tells of a life of love and loss, spanning oceans and continents and bringing the "Seven Sisters" series to a breath-taking resolution.