Ninja Commandments

Richard Harrison, Dave Wheeler, Peter Kjaer

Format: DVD

REL: 03.06.2022

Richard Harrison, Dave Wheeler, Peter Kjaer - Ninja Commandments

In the Empire of the Ninjas there is a powerful secret society that mercilessly persecutes its members if they do not obey the rules. Ivan the Red (Dave Wheeler), a power-hungry ninja warrior wants to seize power over the empire. He kills his master and then faces the loyal ninja Gordon (Richard Harrison). Rodney and Janet's love is also overshadowed by the secret society. Rodney is innocently thrown into prison and must abandon Janet and her son to their fate. Janet rescues her son from the all-consuming flames in a massive fire. But in the process, her face is burned almost beyond recognition. Will peace ever return to the realm of the ninjas? In a final duel fought according to all the rules of martial arts, Gordon finally succeeds in confronting Ivan...