Dick Tracy Metallbox

Ralph Byrd; Kay Hughes; Smiley Burnette

Format: DVD

REL: 03.03.2023

Ralph Byrd; Kay Hughes; Smiley Burnette – Dick Tracy Metallbox

Both serials about the legendary comic hero from 1937 & 1938 show

Dick Tracy in his death throes against the ruthless Spider Gang, the mysterious gangster boss with the lame foot, the Juggernaut and his sinister brother Gorden Tracy. These are just a few of the antagonists of FBI agent Dick Tracy. He is assisted in the fight by the street urchin Kid (Junior) and the attractive Gwen Andrews, among others.

Plus all four RKO feature films with Ralph Byrd & Morgan Conway in the title role. 26 of the 30 serial episodes and the feature films as DVD premiere in the original soundtrack with German subtitles.