Das Licht in uns

Michelle Obama

Format: MP3

REL: 15.11.2022

Michelle Obama - Das Licht in uns

"There may be no easy solutions to the big challenges we face throughout life. However, Michelle Obama is convinced that with some practical tools we can safely navigate through life's biggest changes. In The Light Within, she engages in conversation with her readers and addresses those questions that most of us struggle with on a regular basis: How do stable and sincere relationships succeed? How can we find strength and common ground even in conflicts? What tools do we have at our disposal to express self-doubt and helplessness? What can we do when everything suddenly becomes too much?

Encouraging stories and inspiring thoughts show us how Michelle Obama thinks about change and challenges and what is within our power. It is her firm belief that when we shine from within and give our light to others, we allow the richness and potential of our world to shine. In this way we can recognise deeper truth and discover new paths for ourselves. In her role as mother, daughter, wife, friend and First Lady, she shares with us the basic principles and beliefs that have helped her to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life and to keep growing. She explains valuable practices such as politeness, the courage to be great, and gathering friends and mentors around one's kitchen table. With her distinctive humour, sincerity and compassion, she explores themes of origin, gender and visibility, encouraging her readers to conquer fear, find strength in community and live a courageous life.

"When we discover our inner light, we find the strength to use it," writes Michelle Obama. An enriching read with powerful stories and wise advice and knowledge that will spark valuable conversations. "The Light Within Us will inspire all readers to reflect on their lives, find the source of their inner joy, and connect with each other in these tumultuous times."