Zoombies Box

Marcus Anderson, Andrew Asper, Ashley Alva

Format: BR

REL: 26.05.2023

Marcus Anderson, Andrew Asper, Ashley Alva – Zoombies Box

Film 1: Zoombies / USA / 2016 / 84 min /

In the brand new Eden Willdlife Zoo in Los Angeles, a strange viral disease kills almost the entire animal population. But even before those responsible manage to isolate the cause of the disease or remove the dozens of carcasses of the animals that have already died, the unbelievable happens: the animals that have just died get up again! But they have not returned to life, they have mutated into soulless and very aggressive beasts that now hunt every living creature. The park employees desperately try to save their skins and prevent the animals from breaking out of their enclosures and attacking the city dwellers. But how to stop the undead wild animals, which often weigh several hundred kilos?

Film 2: Zoombies 2 / USA / 2019 / 80 min. /

Wild thieves who break into a safari park at night to steal some exotic animals for illegal animal experiments experience a nasty surprise: one of their stun darts is accidentally infected with a zombie virus due to a mix-up in the park's laboratory, where research is being conducted on an antidote. This had already led to massive, uncontrollable animal attacks at the Eden Wildlife Zoo in Los Angeles years before. The virus now spreads rapidly among the wild animals in the safari park. Soon the poachers are fighting side by side with the safari park staff against meerkats, snakes, porcupines, lions, crocodiles, rhinos and hippos that have gone wild... Will they succeed in finding the antidote before the US government razes the entire park to the ground with firebombs...?