Die große Robin-Hood-Saga

Mac P. Lorne

Formats: 10 MP3

REL: 27.10.2023

Mac P. Lorne - Die große Robin-Hood-Saga

The true story of Robin Hood written by bestselling author Mac P. Lorne, fast-paced and meticulously researched. The author takes you to 12th century Europe, to the courts of emperors and popes, to the huts of ordinary people and deep into Sherwood Forest. Experience an epic adventure, grandly interpreted by the celebrated audio book narrator Detlef Bierstedt. This collection contains all five titles of the saga completely unabridged: (1) The Lion's Paws (2) The Lion's Heart (3) The Lion's Blood (4) The Lion's Banner (5) The Lion's Son - with over 100 hours of total playing time.