Große Gefühle: Das Mädchen auf den Klippen

Lucinda Riley

Format: MP3

REL: 02.11.2022

Lucinda Riley - Große Gefühle: Das Mädchen auf den Klippen

"A high-quality audiobook slipcase featuring three great stories by bestselling author Lucinda Riley.


"The Girl on the Cliffs": sculptor Grania Ryan seeks refuge in her Irish home and discovers a strange girl on the cliffs of Dunworley Bay. Through this encounter, she pushes open the door to a tragic family history that spans generations.

"Helena's Secret": Helena Beaumont spent a wonderful summer in Cyprus as a young woman and experienced her first great love there. When she returns years later, an event from her past catches up with her, which she has always kept ironically secret from her husband and children ...

"The Butterfly Room": Posy Montague lives alone in "Admiral House" in rural Suffolk. One day her first great love Freddie, who had left her fifty years before without a word, turns up unexpectedly. Can Posy now take the risk of trusting him once again?"