Perlen vor die Säue


Format: CD / LP

REL: 29.11.2019

Knasterbart – Perlen vor die Säue

Instead of gold and glamour, the signs for Knasterbart are more like a damp and merry field party: the seven gutter romantics have been up to their mischief since 2012 and stand for folk rock of a very special kind by members of the bands Versengold and Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen! A unique style of music with bawdy humour, frivolous pipe dreams and a good dose of self-irony that even one of the world's leading rock & metal labels couldn't resist. Knasterbart have now announced their worldwide signing with Napalm Records, who will release the band's fourth, brand new album before the end of 29.11.2019. On Pearls Before Swine, Hotze, Fummelfips, Fidolin, Hackepeter, Klappstuhl, Knüppelkalle and Schramme serve up catchy and tongue-in-cheek material that shines with outlaw party atmosphere on tracks like Ringelpiez am Kiez, sets a monument to Bambi's Mama or vomits with Christmas contemplation on tracks like Herzchen im Schnee. A rough-around-the-edges pleasure for all sows, and those who still want to be!