Achtsam morden - Die Box

Karsten Dusse

Format: MP3-CD

REL: 14.09.2022

Karsten Dusse - Achtsam morden - Die Box

Björn Diemel is forced by his wife to attend a mindfulness seminar to straighten out his marriage, prove himself as a good father and restore his unbalanced work-life balance. Because as a successful lawyer, Björn has very little time for his family. The course bears fruit and Björn is even able to integrate what he has learned into his job, but in a different way than expected. Because when his client, a brutal and more than guilty mafia boss, starts to cause him serious problems, he simply kills him. Mindfully, Björn takes over his former client's business, improves his relationship with his wife, finds his inner child and himself on the Way of St. James. Everything could be perfect - if Björn didn't keep getting in the way of someone he has to kill.