Die Faszination der Ölmalerei

Gary Jenkins, Kathwren Jenkins

Format: DVD

REL: 02.06.2023

Gary Jenkins, Kathwren Jenkins – Die Faszination der Ölmalerei

The American artist couple Gary and Kathwren Jenkins, well-known from television, once again invites you to visit them in their colourful world of oil painting. In 26 new programmes, Gary and Kathwren again take viewers on a journey through their paintings. In about 30 minutes each, fascinating flowers, fish, birds or landscapes are created step by step in front of the camera.

With their enthusiastic, warm-hearted manner and the painting technique they have developed, Gary and Kathwren always manage to encourage viewers to (re)discover their own hidden talents.

This DVD box offers not only good entertainment, but also inspiration and useful tips for beginners and advanced painters.