Format: CD / LP

REL: 21.04.2023

Enemy – Enemy

Electric Enemy from England appeal to everyone from the teenage (post-)millenial looking for her way in life to the long-time Brit rock fan who has heard almost everything, those who demand not only quality and authenticity from music, but also songs they can identify with.

Situated somewhere between the classic rock of the Foo Fighters with a touch of Oasis and newer acts like Des Rocs, Muse and Royal Blood, Electric Enemy make rock music with a mission that feels truly "electric".

Combining introspective lyrics with compelling melodies and dynamic musicianship, the band have found a formula that has made them a must-see act in the UK and beyond. BBC Radio 1 presenter Jack Saunders simply remarked, "There's something in the air here". 13 "All killers no fillers" songs on an exceptional debut album.