DJ Bobo

Formats: CD/LP/DVD/BD

REL: 11.11.2023


DJ BoBo - the King Of Dance returns four years after his last studio album with 12 brand new songs.

With EVOLUT30N, a combination of the word evolution and the anniversary number 30, DJ BoBo celebrates his love of dance and pop music.

The title track EVOLUT30N kicks off the album of the same name. BETTER DAYS and TOGETHER WE FLY are the perfect songs for the dance floor.

With a mix of tropical soca sounds and Latin dance rhythms, DAGA DAGA is a guarantee for one hundred percent party atmosphere. After many years, CRAZY WORLD is a mambo from DJ BoBo's pen.

DANCE DANCE DANCE is a tribute to the 80s and with I WANNA BE WITH YOU we go straight back to the 90s. Quite powerful and with a touch of alternative rock guitar riffs, LOOK INTO MY EYES rocks the speakers. SPLASH is a positive pop song that puts you in a good mood. Big feelings belong to the two pop ballads

YOU'RE NOT ALONE and LOVE. In BE MY ANGEL, DJ BoBo mixes infectious sounds of the Caribbean carnival with soulful Latin elements.

2023 is the year: DJ BoBo goes on tour again and celebrates his 30th stage anniversary with the EVOLUT30N tour.