Format: CD

REL: 31.03.2023


DiNA is a rock band from Hamburg with a healthy dose of madness. But if you listen closely, you quickly notice that this band not only has a strong stance on many current issues, but also musically shows very impressively what you can get out of guitars, bass and drums. What can we expect? Ten times Abysses to Go. In recyclable coffee cups. Ten times feeling the sword of Damocles of the transience of one's own being, of the world, of love, friendship, capitalism, one's own dreams in a tottering world.

But why should you do this to yourself? Because it's damn good music. And because between the big riffs and grooves and the anger and despair of the lyrics, there is still the courage and energy that it could be different.

We stand in the midst of floating splinters, with both feet firmly in the concreted ground. DiNA massages our souls with sandpaper, barbs and relentless lyricism.

#WeareDiNA - you too!?