Box der Mega Haie

Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas

Format: DVD

REL: 18.08.2023

Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas - Box der Mega Haie

Film 1: 2 Headed Shark Attack / USA / 2012 / 90 min.

When a tour boat carrying a high school graduating class is sunk at sea by a mutated, two-headed monster shark, the survivors are able to save themselves on an atoll. But a tsunami floods the small island and the students are no longer safe from the two mouths of the bloodthirsty beast....

Film 2: 3-Headed Shark Attack / USA / 2015 / 85 min.

A summer cruise threatens to end in a terrible bloodbath when a three-headed giant shark that escaped from a research station sees its territory threatened and mercilessly attacks the cruise ship. Only the experienced big game hunter Mike Burns (Danny Trejo) stands in the way of the eating machine. But the monster with its razor-sharp teeth seems unstoppable and eats its way through the ship.

Film 3: 5-Headed Shark Attack / USA / 2017 / 86 min.

On the beautiful beaches of the small Puerto Rican island of Palomino, a fashion designer, his three models and the captain of a yacht disappear without a trace. Only the designer's camera is found. The last snapshot shows an attacking five-headed shark monster.This calls a team of biologists from a local aquarium to the scene, who now want to capture the shark mutation as alive as possible to make it the aquarium's tourist attraction. But the monster's thirst for blood is immeasurable and it claims one victim after another.

Film 4: Jurassic Shark 1 / Canada / 2012 / 75 min.

A group of students and a group of criminals get stranded on an island. Years ago, this was used by an oil company for illegal drilling. Inadvertently, a gigantic shark was awakened from its deep sleep and is now decimating the survivors to satisfy its thousand-year-old hunger.

Film 5: Jurassic Shark 2 / USA / 1997 / 87 min.

A killer shark is wreaking havoc in the waters of a sleepy fishing town. University professor Steven Miller tries everything to convince the sheriff of the imminent danger. But the sheriff doesn't believe a word the professor says and ignores all warnings. Then comes what had to come: the monster attacks the first unsuspecting residents. But not only that, Steven's own son, David, is also in danger because he starts his sailing trip despite his father's prohibition. And of course the beast is already on his trail...

Film 6: Jurassic Shark 3 / USA / 2002 / 88 min.

Off the coast of Greenland in the icy waters of the North Atlantic stands Nexecon- Petroleum's oil platform Colossus: the drilling rig is capable of drilling deeper than any other rig that has been put into operation so far. However, the technical marvel also has sceptics. That is why Peter Brazier (Robin Sachs) invites the reporter Christen Giddings ( Leighanne Litrell ) and her cameraman Jake Thompson ( Fred Bilford ) to the Collossus. They are to document the reliability of the plant. Everything goes according to plan at first. But during the deep-sea drilling, a primeval ocean that has been hidden under the seabed for thousands of years is uncovered, as expected. And this ocean is dominated by a primeval monster that has long been a legend: the megalodon, the largest shark that ever existed on earth, is now threatening mankind again...

Film 7: Sharktopus / USA / 2010 / 85 min.

A beast half great white shark and half giant octopus sets out on a murderous feeding frenzy across the Gulf of Mexico. The Sharktopus devours sexy beach babes in skimpy bikinis, busty beauties in even skimpier bikinis, and any pretty maiden who isn't a three-flusher. Eric Roberts (The Expendables) as scientist Nathan Sands has little time left to stop the beast before the blood-soaked beach is nothing but body parts...

Film 8: Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda / USA / 2013 / 80 min.

The American geneticist Dr. Rico Symes (Robert Carradine) has created a new species on behalf of the US military: He has crossed the genetic sequence of a pterodactyl flying dinosaur with the genetic material of a barracuda. But this bioweapon, which can both fly and swim, can hardly be tamed and is extremely dangerous. But when a terrorist organisation tries to get hold of the new weapon, the monster escapes and terrorises the world's population. Only the Sharktopus seems to be prepared for the battle of the monster creatures...

Film 9: Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf / USA / 2015 / 84 min.

Not a good day for the always a little drunk Captain Ray Brady (Casper Van Dien). After a long time he has a job again and can rent out his ship for a burial at sea. But before the body can be buried, a shark monster with octopus arms grabs the corpse and devours it along with part of the horrified mourners. Ray then receives an order from a voodoo priest to hunt down the monster. Meanwhile, the German-born scientist Dr. Elsa Reinhart (Catherine Oxenberg) tries to get the ailing baseball player Felix Rosa (Mario Arturo Hernádez) back into shape by combining his DNA with that of a whale and a wolf. As it turns out, this is a serious mistake, because Rosa soon mutates into a WHALEWOLF. It is not long before the two monsters face each other in a deadly duel...

Film 10: Mega Shark vs. Colossus / USA / 2015 / 86 min.

All attempts to destroy the Mega Shark once and for all have failed.

Even the US Navy has to admit defeat to the gigantic eating machine with the razor-sharp teeth. But this is not the only threat that terrifies humanity: In the ruins of a former Russian military research base, a scientist disappointed by the regime has created a gigantic robot: Colossus, a nuclear-powered killing machine that mercilessly crushes anyone in its path, bringing death and destruction on its way towards the US. US marine biologist Dr. Alison Gray (Illeana Douglas) now devises a daring plan: she wants to set the two monsters on each other.

Film 11: Mega Shark vs. Mecha-Shark / USA / 2013 / 82 min.

The Mega Shark returns again after his battles against the giant Octopus and the Crocosaurus: But this time the US government is prepared and sends the Mega Shark his mechanical counterpart Mecha Shark. Weighing several thousand tonnes, with gigantic hydraulic jaws and piloted by the best submarine pilots in the world, the giant of steel sets out to finally destroy the ancient horror of the seas. But the battle of the giants degenerates and threatens the safety of the entire planet...Film 12: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus / USA / 2009 / 90 min. / Two mortal enemies frozen in the eternal ice for more than 65 million years suddenly awaken to new life. Marine biologist Emma, together with her mentor Lamar and expert Seiji, is to devise a plan to destroy the beasts. When they try to lure the monsters with pheromones and capture them, they only become more aggressive. So they decide to set the mortal enemies on each other so that they can finish their fight to the death, which began ages ago, once and for all..."