Käptn Rauhbein aus St. Pauli

Curd Jürgens, Heinz Reincke, Johanna von Koczian

Format: DVD, BR, Mediabook

REL: 14.10.2022

Curd Jürgens, Heinz Reincke, Johanna von Koczian - Käptn Rauhbein aus St. Pauli

Full speed ahead into the great adventure! Captain Markus Jolly (Curd Jürgens) - known as Captain Roughneck for short - sails from adventure to adventure with his powerful crew in his old pot "Elfe". After being acquitted of the manslaughter of his unfaithful wife, Jolly sets off for the South Seas with explosive cargo to deliver urgently needed medicine to a banana republic. But when the cargo is to be unloaded, the boxes are empty, because the drugs have long since been seized by a gang of gangsters who want to sell them as narcotics. The local police suspect the captain of embezzlement and lock him and his boatswain (Heinz Reincke) up in prison without further ado. But the hotshot can't be beaten, he breaks out and does everything he can to put a stop to the gangster gang...