Der Pfarrer von St. Pauli

Curd Jürgens, Heinz Reincke, Barbara Lass 

Format: DVD, BR, Mediabook

REL: 05.08.2022

Curd Jürgens, Heinz Reincke, Barbara Lass - Der Pfarrer von St. Pauli

World War II: Submarine Captain Konrad Johannsen (Curd Jürgens) is in serious distress with his ship after an enemy attack. In his desperation he prays to God. He promises: if he should survive this mess, he will only consecrate his life to God and become a priest. More than two decades later, Father Johannsen has completed his transformation into a clergyman and quickly becomes a fixture on the neighbourhood, to whom the hearts of those stranded in life there quickly fly.

However, when he is drawn into a murder plot by the confession of a petty criminal, the Kiez gangsters fake compromising recordings of the clergyman, who is then punitively transferred to a remote North Sea island. But the underworld as well as the church superiors have not reckoned with the intrepid determination of the former submarine captain...