Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli, Claudio Camaso

Formats: Mediabooks

REL: 10.11.2023

Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli, Claudio Camaso - IM BLUTRAUSCH DES SATANS

In an idyllic bay, the ageing Countess Federica Donati, who is confined to a wheelchair, is strangled by her husband before he too becomes the victim of a murderer who brutally stabs him to death at the scene of his crime.

However, it is not to remain with these two deaths, because the more people from the rich lady's environment turn up, the more the once so harmonious patch of earth turns into a graveyard.

People die like flies, in a cruel and bestial way. What is the motive of the perpetrator and, above all, who is the sinister murderer who masters his deadly craft so imaginatively and efficiently?

Is it about the countess's fortune? But why are completely uninvolved young people also being treacherously massacred during their love-making? Is there a madman at work here?

Who will be the next victim of this bloodlust?