Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, David Tress

Format: DVD / BD / Mediabooks (limited)

REL: 01.09.2023

Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, David Tress - MISSING IN ACTION - FUTUREPAK

After a daring escape from a Vietnamese POW camp, Colonel James Braddock is tasked with locating and rescuing missing soldiers. With the help of an attractive State Department official and an old army friend, Braddock obtains top-secret information and exquisite weaponry. With this he is able to make his way inland - but will he be able to fight his way back?

A rhetorical question, because CHUCK NORRIS wouldn't be CHUCK NORRIS if a surplus of communist enemy images could stop him. As the "One Man Army" he cleans up and takes no prisoners!

Available on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and limited mediabooks.