Murtagh - Eine dunkle Bedrohung

Christopher Paolini

Formats: 4 MP3

REL: 07.11.2023

Christopher Paolini - Murtagh - Eine dunkle Bedrohung

The world is no longer safe for the dragon rider Murtagh and his dragon Thorn. Since the fall of the cruel King Galbatorix, Murtagh and his dragon have had to live with the consequences of their reluctant cooperation with his regime of terror. Hated throughout the land, they live alone in exile on the fringes of society. But when Murtagh discovers that something evil lurks in the shadows of Alagaësia, he begins an epic journey to a land at once familiar and unfamiliar. There he and Dorn must fight with all the weapons at their disposal to find and outwit a mysterious witch. A witch who is so much more than she first appears.