Zeig Dich!


Format: CD/ LP/ Boxen

REL: 26.05.2023

Betontod – Zeig Dich!

Anyone who has been involved with German-language punk rock over the last three decades has not been able to avoid BETONTOD. Founded in the early nineties in the tranquil town of Rheinberg ("On a park bench one balmy summer night," laughs guitarist Frank "Eule" Vohwinkel. "Nobody believes you any more"), albums like "Traum von Freiheit", "Revolution" or "Pace per Sempre", which was not released until 2021, regularly land in the top positions of the charts. Vohwinkel, singer Oliver Meister, guitarist Mario Schmelz, bassist Adam Krosny and drummer Maik Feldmann have long since arrived in the big concert halls. Even more: BETONTOD are regulars at the biggest national festivals such as Wacken Open Air or Hurricane/Southside, regularly thrilling tens of thousands.

With "Zeig Dich!" (release date: 26 May 2023), BETONTOD have written the most rousing album of their career. Driving, with crashing guitars and killer hooklines. And yet clearly rooted in their own musical socialisation (somewhere between Sex Pistols , Die Toten Hosen and Slime). This is how stadium punk goes in 2023!