Bas Kast - Kompass für die Seele

Kompass für die Seele

Bas Kast

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REL: 01.03.2023

Bas Kast - Kompass für die Seele

Pandemics, crises, stress and fears for the future - things are not too good for our psychological well-being at the moment. Bestselling author Bas Kast explores the question of what we can do ourselves to strengthen our souls and find inner balance (again). He researches how nutrition and mental health are connected and tries out how physical exercise, nature experiences or experiences of heat and cold revitalise our psyche. He attends intensive meditation courses and tests the healing power of mind-altering substances on himself.

And he presents ten simple, sometimes surprising strategies for refreshing body and mind in every phase of life, gaining confidence and regaining balance with ourselves and the world.