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​​Vagabundos de Lujo
Vö: 25.01.2019 / CD

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Vagabundos de Lujo - Biografie

"Vagabundos de Lujo" is the powerfull fusion of Spanish and Russian Gypsy Music performed with two guitars.
Vagabundos de Lujo are Barish Kasiak from Ibiza/Spain and Denis Stern from Russia/St. Petersburg.
The duo met 2004 on the Balearic Island Ibiza where they are still based today.
"Vagabundos de Lujo" is about to finish their 4th album in 2016 and has performed for large crowds in Spain, Russia, Rumania, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany.
In 2016 they will apear as the opening act of the German Superstar Stephan Weidner on a tour through Germany.

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