Up Sides Down

Duncan Townsend
Vö: 20.04.2012 / CD

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Duncan Townsend - Biografie

Duncan Townsend was born in the Middle East and travelled a lot as a young child. He spent his teenage years in Nottingham, mostly writing songs, playing in bands and acting. He studied theatre in London and puppetry in Barcelona, before chasing a German girl to Cologne. He worked as a live musician on Hamburg’s red-light district for a few years, then he moved to Berlin to work as a songwriter.

His first release as a solo artist was a duet with ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ star Nena and was a chart success around Europe. He is now an experienced entertainer, having performed extensively all over the world with different formations. As a songwriter, he has achieved Gold status several times with songs such as X-factor winning “Shooting Stars & Fairytales” and as co-writer for a great number of DJs, Rappers and Bands.

His own music has been featured in various major advertising campaigns (for brands like Deutsche Bahn, Kinder Country and Volkswagen) and he also recently starred in Lufthansa’s European-wide Premium Economy Ad Campaign as actor and singer. His most recent self-penned EP is called “sEPia” and is available online alongside his previous two albums “Out Of The Red” and “Up Sides Down”.


Out Of The Red

Go! Go!